Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Download AnonyTun VPN for Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2017

Glo 2017 browsing cheat is here but to make it work, you need to download AnonyTun VPN and used settings below for the GLO cheat. You will remember we recently published Etisalat 0.0KB Cheat with Stark VPN V3.9 

AnonyTun vpn works freely and super fast with unlimited servers without disconnecting, it also allow you to bypass ISPs limitations and other restrictions using this latest vpn,


  • Comes with Unlimited servers
  • Connect automatically to the best servers
  • No bandwidth limit or restrictions 
  • Auto reconnect under 1secs 
  • Fast and reliable
  • Easy to configure
  • Nice and simple Handler UI just like Psiphon
  • Doesn't disconnect often 
Without any further delay, shall we quickly look at AnonyTun vpn settings for Glo browsing cheat

Glo unlimited free browsing cheat with AnonyTun

  • An Android phone 
  • No active data plan
  • Strong 3G network 
  • download AnonyTun vpn

How to set up Glo to brows free in 2017

** Apn name: Glo
** Apn: glodirect
** Apn type: Select Default and Supl
** Proxy and Port: leave blank
** Username and Password: flat

Where to download AnonyTun vpn

** Download AnonyTun install, launch and Click on Stealth Settings
** Turn on Stealth Tunnel.
** Change Connection Protocol to HTTP.
** Connection Port to 80.
** Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.

Go and Edit the Custom TCP/HTTP Headers using below settings
** URL/Host: redirect.glo.com.
** Request method: POST.
** Injection method: Normal.
** Tick User-Agent.
** Leave other boxes un-ticked.

Finally, tap Generate, Save and Connect, wait few seconds for AnonyTun to connect.

Remember to use Glo unlimited free browsing 2017, you need to download AnonyTun vpn for android even set up with the above settings
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