Thursday, May 11, 2017

How to subscribe for Airtel Double Data Plan & Code

Here's how to Subscribe for Airtel Double Data Plan which offers customers 3GB for N1000, 6GB for N1,500, 7GB for N2000 and more, we will reveal the activation Code, price, and how to check if your are eligible

How to check if your Airtel Sim is Eligible for the offer 

  • Ensure you have an empty balance
  • Dial any of the code listed below to subscribe
  • Check your message for confirmation

notification will be sent to your line stating which of the plan you can subscribe to, If the message says "You have insufficient balance to subscribe for this plan then it means you are eligible, but if otherwise, then try another Airtel line

How to subscribe for Airtel Double Data Plan & Code 

  • To get 3GB for N1,000, Simply Dial *496# 
  • To get 6GB for N1,500, Dial *440*161# 
  • Likewise Dial *437# to get 7GB for N2,000
  • And finally, to subscribe to 18GB for N4,000, simply Dial *438*1# 
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