Thursday, June 29, 2017

Download Google Uptime apk for Android to Chat on Youtube

Google Uptime was launched by Google. With this app called uptime you can watch YouTube videos together with your friends. Uptime makes Youtube videos more interactive by letting you watch them with your friends.

You can see where — time-wise — your friends are in a video as compared to you. You’ll also see reactions in form of sparkles or different cartoon faces. 

Download Google Uptime apk for Android to Chat on Youtube ,

1. You can follow other users within the app
2. You can share YouTube videos with friends, and then watch them together in real-time.
3. Users can chat with each other, and leave comments and emoji layered on top of the video

In March, Google published Uptime as an invite-only limited beta test, now IOS users can freely use the app but the app is not yet available for Android.

Google says that the Uptime app was built by Area120, an experimental research and development unit launched by Google last year to turn left-field ideas from Google engineers into actual products.

You can download it from iTunes here
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