Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Download Latest GBWhatsapp V5.7 Apk With New Features

Here is another latest version of  Whatapp Mod referred to as GBWhatsapp v5.7apk which is now available for download on android smartphones.

I want you you know that this version of whatsapp is far different from the official WhatApp app because it comes with a lot of features that even the official whatsapp does not have in fact there haven't being any security threats concerning this app but some are still doubting the data safety.

GBWhatsapp V5.7 Apk

There are a lot of things you need to know about this app the latest version of GBWhatsapp v5.7 APK  carries a lot of features that will definitely attract you towards using it.

One of the feature that was added to this current version is the ability to click on the links in caption of status,and also ability to go to the first Message of any chat with just a single tap instead of having to scroll up.

With the GBWhatsapp v5.7 APK you will now be able to send applications (apk) files through the app platform and luckily,you will be able to run the two application on the same smartphone so you will still be able to receive messages fro the official whatsapp application.

Below are the features of GBWhatsapp v5.7 APK


  •  Increase Video Sending Limit to 50MB
  •  (Exclusive) Option to go to the first Message of the Chat (Open any Chat – Click Option and Go to First Message)
  •  Added Option to Download Status Directly and View Status (Now You can Download Status Directly)
  •  Now You can Click on Link in Caption of Status
  •  Added Colour to Broadcast List on Main Screen (Mod 2.2.5A)
  •  Other Fixes
If you are considering to use this app or you feel you would like to enjoy those features newly added to the click here to download GBWhatsapp v5.7 APK 
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