Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hey guys Checkout New 2go Interface 2017

Don't be surprised to hear this meet the new 2go Interface 2017 ,the app was known to be very popular back then when it was initially launched to the extent that people make used of it just like the way whatsapp is being used now.

The app was a very addictive one that many could not do without in fact some users even got to find a partner there,back then if you were not on 2go then you are totally out of point no social media was popular then than the 2go app.

One amazing thing is that the app works perfectly on almost every phones like Android,Blackberry,Symbian including iPhones

Don't lie am very sure that you must have forgotten you 2go user name password because as time went on the application began to loose its popularity and its users began to reduce.Now only few people make use of the app and the category of those that make use of the app are majorly kids.

But recently screen shots of the new 2go Interface 2017 was uploaded on social media and those pictures really made me open my mouth for a minute of which am sure you might do the same by them time you check them out.

Am happy to announce to you that 2go has undergo some real changes and is far better than before.

Apart from the new appearance, it now have more features like ability to share files such as videos, images, music, voice notes etc. There are also more rooms (groups) to join.

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Here are some new features added ton the new 2go Interface 2017

Ability to share files such as
  • images 
  • videos
  • voice note
  • music and many more

Additionally,more groups have being included in order for its users to join all these is easier said than done ,the  big question now is can you return back to 2go?
However,let see your reaction through the comment box.
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