Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How To Install Apps On SD Card Instead Of Phone Internal Storage

If you own an Android phone and you have problems installing apps on the SD card in order to free some space on your phone so it will run smoothly without giving you much problem such as hanging or prompting "Your device memory is full" luckily we are going to teach you the steps you can take in order to avoid those problems you may encounter installing apps on your android phones.

Earlier then, you have to root your phone before you can install app on your SD card,but that seems outdated because Android device can now allow you to select the app installation primary space,however there are two methods to do this all based on what you actually face;

it could be either the place you already installed apps and need to move them  away from the internal storage to the memory card or probably you bought a new phone and download is still yet to install any apps on it all you  just want is for all the apps to be installed on the SD card then follow the procedures below;

How To Install Apps On SD Card Instead Of Phone Internal Storage


  • First Insert an SD card into your phone
  • Then move to your phone Settings on your device screen Tap Applications
  • Having done that you can now choose the app you want to move
  • After doing that Tap Storage and If the app can be moved, you will see a  Change button
  • Tap on the Change button then tap again on SD Card and follow strictly other steps displayed and you are done the app will be moved.


Before you begin any setup first insert your SD card into your android phone
  • Locate your phone settings and choose use as INTERNAL STORAGE move on by tapping next
  • After doing that,the device will prompt a message on your screes asking you to format the card,by doing that it will clear all stored data on the SD card;
You might not want to do that so all you need to do is to backup but keep in mind that the card will only be able to work with that phone after the formatting is done.
  • Accomplishing all that,all file downloads and savings including all app installations will be done automatically to the  SD card and you are good to go.
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