Friday, June 9, 2017

How to Transfer Money with Skye Bank Mobile Transfer Code

Skye Bank Mobile Transfer Code will enable you to conduct various transactions with a new method although still involving other methods such as USSD codes used by some other banks,this unique method of transaction can be done via SMS.

With Skye Bank, transaction can be done anywhere in the world,it is a bank that happens to be one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria having over 373 branches in Nigeria.Back then in 2006, when the bank started operation services such as these were not made available though they started small but now they have hit big and even make their services available world wide.

skye bank mobile transfer code

Now various transactions such as bill payments, balance enquiry ,airtime recharge,inter-bank transfer and many more.All these can just be done right from the comfort of anywhere you are using your mobile device.

How to transfer with Skye Bank Mobile Transfer Code

In order to make use of the Skye bank mobile banking service anywhere you are in the world, you swill have to first register from a registered numbe that is associated with your bank account.

All you need to do is dial  *833# form your mobile phone then follow the prompted command on your screen once you accomplish that then you can now get your PIN and begin to use Skye Bank mobile USSD banking.

How to Check Skye Bank account Balance on Your Phone

I will assume you are registered by now however if not do that quickly because without the registration, you wont be able to enjoy this mobile banking service,for those who are done with the registration here is the way you can check your skye bank account balance but for those who are yet to do the registration please do come back to continue the reading after your setup.

To check your Skye Bank bank account balance, just dial  *833# on your phone and follow the command prompted on your screen to see your balance,choose the balance menu
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