Tuesday, June 27, 2017

LG Announced World’s First Flexible Transparent 77-inch organic light emitting diode,OLED display

You will never believe this LG announced few days ago that they have created the world first flexible transparent 77 inch organic light emitting diode i.e OLED display.As if that is not enough they even said that it ill be capable of providing Ultra HD visuals with a screen resolution of 3840 by 2160.

For transparency it is rated 40 percent and in fact can be rolled up like a tube with radius 80mm now just think for while and ask your self this question will shipping a very huge screen be more easier ? of course it will.

LG World First flexible Transparent 77-inch organic light emitting diode Is Even Taller Than A Cruise

I don't want you to doubt this the flexible transparent 77-inch organic light emitting diode is taller than Tom Cruise,Cruise is just about 5 feet 7 inches tall (170 centimeters tall) just as we were told by Google the aspect ratio of the huge screen is 16:9 which means that its longest sides measures 170.5 centimeters.

That alone makes it taller than cruise except if Cruise wears shoes.
The display of the huge screen is very impressive because it features a 77 inch OLED display and also supports 4K output, and its flexibility even adds to the screen improvement.

Such a goal was not achieved in a day ,in a month nor in a year what if you were told that it took the LG company 59 months to complete the project can you imaging that.

All those times that we ere using to celebrate new smartphones LG was busy working on  something that would amaze people and hit big in the market store.

One thing is that LG is not focusing this display for home users only  instead its is also looking at digital signage, smart desks,augmented reality, and even car displays as markets for this type of screen.
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