Friday, June 30, 2017

WhatsApp May Soon replace Facebook as a credible news source

Facebook has being a very popular platform that even a kid knows about many have being successful through Facebook because it renders various services that most of its users will need.

Why WhatsApp May Soon replace Facebook as a credible news source

The platform is designed for chatting, marketing and information sharing,if you could remember fundraiser recently launched this year that enables users to raise money using Facebook.

Now Facebook recently launched a feature that will now enable you to know if news that are seen on the site are valid or not.

"There is still nothing that can take Facebook off its fit down to the ground" but unfortunately it seems the number of people that are depending on the platform have dropped you don't need to be surprised here is the reason;

The study that was done by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism involved a total number of 71,805 people from 36 countries. It was discovered that in more than half of these 36 markets, the overall percentage of people relying on Facebook as a source of news has declined significantly.

From the study that was done it was revealed that 47% of respondents make use of social media in order to keep abreast of current developments, whether it is locally or internationally but the percentage of people that look to WhatsApp as a trusted news source is just 15%.

So when you are to check the analysis taking the countries experimented into consideration the figures are not the same. In fact about  51 percent of people in Malaysia rely on WhatsApp for their news, as do people in Brazil (46 percent) and Chile (39 percent).

People have moved on to either online sites or TV and the spread of fake news on Facebook most likely contributed to the drop in Facebook’s numbers.

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Let hope that they have a solution solve the problem but that does not mean that Facebook is completely wiped out , of course it is still very popular in some other countries.
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