Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Etisalat (9Mobile) Free Browsing Cheat Via AnonyTun VPN

Don't wast much time, download Anonytun VPN v2.6 Now for Etisalat (9Mobile) Free Browsing Cheat For android, Interested, See how it works

You'd recall we published an article regarding the Etisalat Latest free browsing cheat  recently, well here's another down to heart newly birth tweak to enjoy this July

Without further ado, Now lets unveil the updated 9Mobile free browsing tweak for android but before that, If you don't mind me asking, how's the new company name doing over there?

Well, it shouldn't affect netwrok coverage thou, so don't worry the new changes will not affect you greatly and one good news is that this free browsing cheat is working perfectly on android devices.

However for those who are already making use of Etisalat Nxfwd tweak this article is not for you, but if you want to upgrade your VPN to the latest version released then you can continue reading.

9Mobile Latest Free Browsing Cheat For Android

The previous version came with some negligible bugs which we later provided solutions to solve them,  We expect less issue with the latest version thou ( AnonyTun v2.6 APK)

9Mobile cheat AnonyTun vpn

Have you ever ask your self why the AnonyTun VPN V2.6 is better alternative to Tweakware ? Well this isnt far fetched from the fact that it offers a good and secured connections that keep user privacy

What is AnonyTun VPN V2.6 and where can i download ?

  • It is an app that is free to download with easy setups
  • Luckily it come with a wonderful design which makes it user friendly
  • It also supports Glo and 9Mobile (Etisalat) free browsing tweaks
  • Finally it provides a nery fast speed VPN connections that enables it to bypass any restricted services.
Now we can move on to the configurations.

Settings For 9Mobile Cheat

What you need to do first is to download the latest AnonyTun VPN apk here but you will need to meet the requirements given below;
  • Android phone or tablet
  • 0.0 Airtime balance.
  • Registered Etisalat 3G or 4G sim.
  •  No active data plan (if not, your data will be deducted) 

Launch the app you downloaded and then click on Stealth Settings
  •  Once done turn on Stealth Tunnel then change connection protocol to HTTP.
  •  Having done that change the Connection Port to 8080,then you can now turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
  •  Tap Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
  • Once accomplished enter this URL/Host: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/f/etisalat_ng# and fill inputs below in the required field
  • Request method: POST.
  • Injection method: Normal.
  • Tick User-Agent.
  • Leave other boxes un-ticked.
  • Then Click on Generate,and save.Once you have done all that you can now connect and start enjoying.
Don't forget to download Anonytun VPN v2.6 or check playstore
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