Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How To Get 750MB for Just N200 on Etisalat

Etisalat happens to be the second leading telecom company in term of the bonuses that they give out on every recharge,however do you know that you can Get 750MB for Just N200 on Etisalat well chill and don't shout much we will be teach you how to do that.

 Get 750MB for Just N200 on Etisalat

When talking about a network provider that care about their customers then we cannot list them without mentioning Etisalat,do you know that they have a very huge debt on them but still they did not focus on their weakness and use that as an excuse for their customers.

We are also aware that Glo is also offering a large N6000 air time to their subscribers which is called "welcomeback" but it has its own limitations since the service is available for those who might have dump their Glo sim for a month or more than.

Etisalat are now moving towards that step and in fact plant to make their even better.

Now let unveil this new service to you;

How To Get 750MB for Just N200 on Etisalat

Keep this in mind that this is not a cheat but a promo,moving on to the topic on getting 750MB on your etisalat line with just a sum of N200;

Hurry up now and search for your etisalat sim that you have dumped over a month,look for soap,water and sponge then scrub the sim very hard note that you have to make use of a iron sponge (lols..Just kidding oo) if you do that we will not be responsible for the damage of your sim.

What we are trying to say is that you should locate your Etisalat Sim card that you have not been using over a month then insert it into your phone and then ..??

Etisalat N200 for 750MB promo

Don't rush let take this calmly because of some newbies (lols..);
  • Firstly locate your Etisalat sim card that you have not being using over a month
  • Insert it into your phone
  • Finally recharge a sum of N200 (answered) on the line and whola!! watch what will happen next.

Conditions Necessary To Get 750MB for Just N200 on your Etisalat Line

  • You must be an etisalat customer
  • Your sim card must have being inactive for a month or more than
  • You must recharge a sum of N200 on the line.

The procedures to are similar to that of Glo "WelcomeBack" promo,so pass on the fun while you enjoy!!.
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