Monday, July 3, 2017

How to use Facebook Find Wi-Fi on iOS and Android Devices

Facebook Find Wi-Fi feature is now available in all countries for both Android and iOS users.  And is here to help you find free available Wi-Fi connections around you, for you to connect and browse for free.

The feature is built already into the Facebook app, Find Wi-Fi shows a map of your surrounding, area and which company or business have Wi-Fi hotspots or routers that you can connect to for free access to the Internet.

How to use Facebook Find Wi-Fi on iOS and Android Devices

There are some place where open Wi-Fi are available, but to know this you will have to search it yourself. If you are in a location where your mobile data is not strong, you can use the Facebook Find Wi-fi to look for available free wi-fi hotspot near you and you can connect to it. The feature 'Find Wi-Fi' is now available for everyone officially. 

How can i find free wi-fi using facebook app?

To find Wi-Fi hotspots
  • open your Facebook app
  • Click on the More tab and then scroll to Apps category (depending on your phone)
  •  Under the Apps category, you will see 'See all'
  • Tap it and scroll to Find Wi-F
Once you are in the Find Wi-Fi tab, turn on your Wi-Fi and Location (GPS). Users can browse the closest available hotspots on a map, and learn more about the businesses hosting the free Wi-Fi.
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