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Is Your Car Missing ? Here’s what to do in case of a car theft

Car theft is now rampant in our society today which could be a very bitter experience for the victim involved.

Let forget about the price of the car because most find it convenient to move with cars because it enables them to carry various tasks.In this article you will learn some few tips on what to do in case of a car theft.

car theft

Dont Blow Up!!

Chill and don't blow up because of your missing car your health matters all we are trying to say is that don't put too much worries on your mind because we will be treating this topic explicitly and we recommend you to read this with a maximum focus.

What we are about to go in might discourage you because it might look like the last thing to do at that moment your car was missing.

But since your car was stolen probably at the garage or it was jacked from you it might be very difficult for you to locate but before any complains be completely sure that it was stolen.

Now here we go;

When you are sure that the car has been stolen, ask around. Someone might have some useful information about what happened.

What To Do In Case Of A Car Theft.

ASK QUESTIONS; once you are fully sure that the car has been stolen ask people around ,you cannot tell someone might have some information about what happened that could be useful to you.

INFORM THE POLICE;Don't underestimate the work of the police because they are the fast and reliable means of getting your car in fact this should be one of the first thing you should do once you are sure that your car has been stolen.

Check around the area you parked your car for CCTV cameras. Ask the owners of the premises if they can help review their footage, and let them know that your car was stolen.

SEARCH AROUND FOR CAMERAS;Don't just sit there and wait for someone's help go out and search for CCTV cameras that is around the area you parked your car and ask the owners if they can help you review their footage be sure to let them know that your car was stolen before asking them for such.

CALL EVERYONE YOU KNOW:Make a call to everyone that you know for who knows whether they might have seen your car somewhere else where the robber parked it. Even they will also be another camera for you to find your car because the robber might decide to run away from your location to another location so as not to get caught.

If you are fortunate the robber might unknowingly move to the area of those people you have contacted,now imagine if you have not told them how will they be able to be suspicious when the robber arrives at their location.

INFORM YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY;Make sure  your insurance company know about the car theft in case you might not get your car back.
Place it everywhere, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever social network you use. Make sure that everyone knows what happened.

POST IT ONLINE;There is no limit to what the internet can do,you can make use of your social media help,post it online that your car has been stolen and you are looking for it.Chances are even higher that you might find the robber that stole your car because the internet has millions that could help you search.

In fact you will now have millions of cameras everywhere looking for your car.

OFFER A REWARD FOR THE SEARCH;Finally you should offer a reward for the search so as to boost the numbers of cameras (people) that will be searching for your car and don't be surprised when the robber might just return the car just to collect the reward (lols).

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