Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Here is the Video Chat Device Facebook is Developing

This Global social networking platform known to be Facebook are currently developing a Video Chat Device majorly focusing on home use.It will feature a touchscreen that will be measuring between the range of 13 inch and 15 inch diagonally which might finally run on Android OS version.

Features Of The Upcoming Facebook Video Chat

Though the device is being noted to be testing at the moment but will sport a  a wide angle camera including AL powered microphones and speakers,its main aim is to bring people more closer together when communicating through Facebook.The major environment where the device is fitted is in the living room.

Facebook Video Chat

One of it prototype design comes in a vertical thin stand that helps to hold the display,in fact Facebook is testing a something amazing about the camera that will automatically scan for people sported in its range and then lock onto them.

This can be related to zooming onto a painting that a child brought home in order to show his parent who are probably on a business trip far away from home.

In addiction to this,a 360-degree camera device is being worked on by the company to add as a feature to the Facebook Video Chat,but might not be available during the first launch however the Video Chat Device may actually be revealed in next spring F8's developer conference.

In terms of price it costs around $100 or less however we just have to wait until then when Mark Zuckerberg will finally unveil his great works for the world to see.
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