Thursday, August 10, 2017

YouTube Will Now Enable You To Share Videos Without Leaving The App

YouTube just  released a new update to their app,this will now enable you to share YouTube videos without having to leave the app.

So far so good,this new feature is long-awaited because it makes sharing contents much more easier. That is to say YouTubers can "direct-message" any video you watch on the site to family and friends through private conversations.

Share YouTube Videos Without Leaving The App

Back then before this update, you had to copy and paste the link for YouTube videos into other messaging platforms in order to share and this method is time consuming and not really fast as this present new method.

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In addiction,you can ,send emojis ,continue the conversation you started, reply to someone’s video with another video, and  finally invite others to join the group chat.

How To Share YouTube Videos Without Leaving The App

With this new method,you will be able to view all your conversations in a new tab called “Shared” on the YouTube order for you to start enjoying it,, simply invite your friends from your contacts through SMS or by sending them an invitation link through a social network, email or messaging app.

To be honest,the format is just  similar to Instagram’s direct message feature.However,if there are YouTube videos you want to send, simply tap on the arrow below the video and a list of contacts will show up.

This can be done either by sending it directly to one person or multiple people. You are also eligible to create a group chat of up to 30 people and even include a message before sending YouTube videos, in the text box available underneath the list of people you are sending it to.

Without a doubt,you can send group texts along with pictures, audio messages and videos without having to leave the app.

We can all see what YouTube wants to achieve with this feature;the user’s attention is engaged on the platform, and the user gets to share without leaving the app. An we think they are achieving that.
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